Terms of Service

By using this website, you agree that you grant Rotate4u.eu the right to record your IP address at all times. These measures are taken to guarantee the security of our customers, and to allow us to investigate cases of possible fraud. All information submitted during the signup process while checking out is kept secure and protected. We will never share your personal details with anyone. Please note, these details may be used in cases involving legal matters, such as fraud and theft.


A valid visit mainly consists in sources such as PTC sites, manual traffic exchanges or any other traffic which can be traced and verified properly. Invalid visits are direct hits without any referrer, autosurfs, proxies or any other visit which lasts less than 10 seconds.

Accepted sources:

PTC sites
Rotators Sites
Manual traffic exchange Sites
Any Other traceable traffic source with min. 10 sec exposure time

Invalid sources:

Autosurf Sites
No referrer / direct visits
Hidden iframes
Other PTP programs
Fake referrer traffic
Non-traceable traffic
All visits with less than 10 sec duration, regardless of their source
We reserve the right to mark as INVALID any & all traffic which we find to be fake or abusive, including but not limited to the above mentioned invalid sources.
Any amount earned through fraudulent ways will be deducted from your account!

Above all, multiple accounts from the same person and/or computer are strictly prohibited! Abusers will have their account deleted without notice.


Users can request a withdrawal once they have accumulated at least $10.00 in their account balance. Payments* are sent manually within 48 hours from request date via PayPal.



If you are an owner or can make a deal for Rotate4u.eu in sources such as PTC sites, manual traffic exchanges or any other traffic which can be traced and verified properly, please contact us. Preferably you will be compensated through your Rotate4u.eu account. Please contact us first.


Sites will have to be pre-approved. Contact us first. *Payments will not be made if account and traffic is not or can not be verified by Rotate4u.eu.


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